Earn Money Through Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is a program the helps you earn effortlessly. You just need a bit of skill and smartness to make money through it. The concept of Google AdSense is that you have a website or blog(you can get free blog at http://www.blogger.com/ ), Google places some ads on your website or blog related to the content in it. Whenever someone clicks on the website, you get paid. Placement of the ads etc. is to be done by you. Google will only give you options to choose from.
How will I help?
When people start with Google AdSense they only target a few clicks per day and are satisfied with the small income that they make. They try to increase the income but fail. Rather the income drops every month. I will teach you not only to maintain a steady income but to increase it multifold. Google doesn‘t give you the rights over which ads to display on your page, but it gives you enough right to choose the formatting of ads, their color, shape etc.
How much time do you require per day to make it big?
I would suggest that during the initial days, first learn and devote as much time as you can. If your income shows you smaller numbers in the beginning, don‘t loose hope! It takes time to build a steady income and then your income will start increasing. You should understand that initially you will need to spend time to stabilize your income. That is, prevent it from decreasing. Once you have stabilized your income means that you are now ready to experiment and increase your income multifold. There are no shortcuts to this mantra. Google is very strict about its policies. People find loopholes and alternative methods to get high income, but it is very difficult to bypass these policies. Also, if Google finds anything in your website that violates its policies, it will blacklist your website which means that it will ban you and you will never ever be able to participate in the program, and that would result in no income! If you can earn through legal ways, why find others? Read the policies carefully at: https://www.google.com/AdSense/policies.
Search Engine Optimization.
After you have designed your website and posted content in it, there are certain things that you should follow to make your website a hit. Such rules on the internet are known as search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is following the norms set by search engines so that your page is shown in their listing. You should also keep in mind that your primary motive is not just to bring your website into the listing of search engines, but to bring it to the —top" of the list of the search engines.

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