Surefire Success System : A Surefire Way To Make Online Income

This product has hit the top lists on Clickbank rapidly and it's popularity seems to grow by every passing day. It is rare to see a new product qualify for such a high rank so fast so I felt I hade to look into this product and see for myself what the fuzz is all about.

The landing page is the usual hype and it tells us how we can copy Luke's (the creator) methods to make fast and big money online in no time. Statements like these are always presented on landing pages promoting money making products and there is no reason to get all excited about it. Experienced webpreneurs are used to this and we know that in 95% of the cases there is nothing new to be found.

The concept
IPart of the concept of Surefire Success systemem (SSS) is about creating websites and content that will generate money automatically. Another part of it is to create multiple sources of income by creating own content and also to use the content made by other SSS members. This may sound like a lot of work but the package comes with a software that will do most of the job for you while you just press a few buttons.

So what do you get for your money?
Surefire Success System (SSS) is a package with a lot of components and the main product is Luke's own 88-page ebook. This is a manual that explains his own methods in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. The ebook is not revolutionary in any way but is it a good guide for people who are new to this and need a blueprint on how to start and where to go from there. The methods descibed works as I have used them myself for years. I will get back to this in a bit.

There are a lot of other products by well known online marketers in this package like:
The List Building Formula
Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising
Search Engine Myths Exposed(great ebook!)
Easy Steps To Bloggin Stardom
Squidoo Secrets
CamStudio (software to create videos from you screen)
HyperVRE software(to create websites with affiliate links, RSS Feed and daily updated content with just a few button clicks. This is an awesome product if you ask me and it is what makes this concept work so fast and easy.)

There are a lot more products to download and the ones I mentioned above is just a little taste of what you get.

It is pretty genious and Luke has managed to create a system where the newbie will be able to create a money generating website and traffic without having to learn about programming, SEO and without having to spend any money on advertising. Sceptic as I was from the start I have to say this product is one of the best I have seen so far. This is nothing like The Rich Jerk or Instant Money Vault who only are useful to those who know how to get traffic.

You get lots of instruction how to publish the website and where to publish it for free. Once you have the SSS product you really don't have to spend any more money on domains or webshost and such.

I cannot find anything bad to say about this program really, it has everything you need and I say that it was well spent money. The price is $77 which is very reasonable for what you get (price will go up to $97 they say but I don't know if that will really happen. If so it is still great value for the money).

After trying this program out I made $380 in the first week from ONE automated website and the traffic provided by the community. From what I read on the forum
this is pretty average for everyone who joins. This means a monthly income of around $1,500. If you put up 2 website you will double your income and so on.
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